Data protection concept for file archiving

In the information age, data is an important economic asset that must be protected accordingly. Even in the modern and increasingly digitalised business world, audit-proof file archiving is an absolute must.


A data protection concept offers data security for your business documents

Paper files are still an important medium in everyday office life. Surprisingly, the volume of business documents in paper form is currently even increasing. Even documents that are already available digitally are often printed out for a variety of reasons. If these documents, some of which are highly sensitive, are to be archived in a legally compliant manner, enormous resources are required in some cases.

As a result, the data protection officer is confronted with the question of how to deal with paper files and digital storage media in terms of data protection. Digital storage media can hold large amounts of highly sensitive data in a very small space. It is therefore all the more important to carry out the archiving of the data carriers with a well thought-out data protection concept.


Individual data protection concepts according to BSI standards

Personal data require special data security. Such data must be protected at all times against unauthorised access, modification or loss, especially during file archiving within the legal retention periods and subsequent destruction. This is why we generally comply with BSI basic protection and have obtained ISO 27001 certification for this purpose.

The handling of personal data is defined by law. All other sensitive, confidential, internal data and documents must be assessed according to their quality. The appropriate measures for file archiving are derived from this, depending on the classification. We develop specific data protection concepts together with our customer that are tailored to their requirements. Irrespective of whether it is a matter of processing, storing or destroying data in digital form or on paper.

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