Business Networking Platform


Manage document quickly and easily

At Rhenus Archiv Services, we are aware that you need quick and easy access to your physical documents, even if you store them externally. That's why we offer our own Business Networking Platform as an archiving system in connection with external file archiving. Each of our customers gets their own log-in in order to be able to request and manage their boxes, files and documents. 





What is the Business Networking Platform?

The Business Networking Platform (BNP) is a web-based Rhenus research tool to make it easier for you to access your own business documents. 

On our BNP, your documents are stored when they are captured and only authorized employees have access to your documents via an encrypted internet connection. 

As soon as you need your documents, you can order them easily and conveniently online via your log-in on the platform. After an employee has researched the storage location, the files you need are prepared for transport.

When the delivery takes place depends on the agreed service level. Here we offer the following options: 

  • Delivery within four hours
  • Delivery within 48 hours
  • Delivery as part of a daily tour
  • Pickup
  • On-site inspection of documents
  • Scan-on-Demand - Digitization of individual required files

Is there a way to view the documents immediately?

If you need documents on an ad-hoc basis, we can make them available to you through our Scan-on-Demand Service.

Here,the requested docuemts are scanned by our trained staff and are available for you digitally. 
You can decide for yourself how the deployment takes place.

We can offer you the following options: 

  • Rhenus SFTP Server
  • E-mail with encrypted attachment
  • Online Archive "TotalDigital"

Thanks to the Scan-on-Demand Service, we can scan and make available to you documents that are already frequently used during data collection and for which you do not have enough space in our offices.
This saves you time and money and takes the first steps to prepare your employees for digital work without investing large amounts of money in the digitization of entire files and folders. 

When scanning the documents and making them available digitally, the legel retention periods continue to be complied with. 

When data is collected, the data of destruction is recorded so that we inform you when documents can be destroyed.
We can offer you this service in cooperation with our sister company Rhenus Data Office